Assistant Operations NCO Duty Descriptions

Assistant Operations Sergeant
Assistant Operations Sergeant for an 814 man OCONUS based Airborne Infantry Battalion; responsible for Battalion level staff coordination and assisting in developing, issuing, and executing Battalion and Brigade OPORDs and taskings; provides technical advice, training management, and readiness assistance to all Battalion units; maintains and organizes all taskings and orders; supervises the maintenance and accountability of Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and additional equipment valued at over $600,000.

S3 NCO of Future Operations of a 248-bed Combat Support Hospital.
Coordinates the battalion activities that are between four and six weeks of execution; facilitates the transition between Plans and Current Operations; coordinates with other S3 staff to ensure the same common operating picture (COP). Allocates resources during plans and operations and ensures units provide necessary support requirements when and where required. Plans tactical troop movements, including route selection, priority of movement, timing, security, bivouacking, quartering, staging, and preparing movement orders; recommends task organizations and assigns missions to subordinate elements. Assists in determining requirements for and allocation of training resources; organizes and conducts internal schools, and obtains and allocates quotas for external schools; conducts training inspections, tests, and evaluations; maintains unit readiness status of each unit the command. Assists the Operations sections in the Military Decision Making Process to produce timely orders and synchronize operations.

Assistant Operations NCO
Assistant Operations NCO in a deployed unit providing 24 hour operational coverage providing support to tenant units and transient Soldiers; conducts analysis and assessment of information, ensures reports that impact activities are completed, monitors all traffic, updates weather and road conditions, provides help desk coverage for other sections, maintains proper key/ammo control; utilizes the CPOF and BFT computer to alert personnel, coordinates with security, EMS, PMO, and Air Force to respond and restore good order.

Assistant Operations NCO
Assists in maintaining and producing training support packages and material for Mission Command Training Brigades (MCTB); assists in the preparation of command and staff briefings within the area of training; conducts Staff Assistant Visit (SAV) to subordinate units in the observation of training and review of training processes; assists in the conduct of Command Organizational Inspection Program (OIP) and Yearly Training Briefs (YTB) being administered at subordinate units.

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